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The Various Categories of Display Stands (7)

Corrugated display stand can also be categorized into several widely used field categories depending on the application area of the corrugated display stand. Such as: for supermarket display stands, clothing fabrics, cosmetics, food and beverages, stationery and books, consumer electronics, etc.

Supermarket cardboard display stands are mostly cardboard display boxes(cardboard counter display box) and paper stacks (cardboard pallet displays). Display boxes are usually placed at the checkout counter to display smaller items such as candy, condoms, pens and notebooks. This kind of cardboard counter display can allow for a lot of products in a small size. They can increase marketing opportunities and make rational use of the limited space of the counter. The paper stack is also used very frequently in supermarkets. There are many reasons for the popularity of cardboard pallet in supermarkets. The first reason is the space limitations mentioned earlier. Secondly, the displaying capacity of the cardboard pallet display is very large and suitable for promotional activities. Batch products can be placed to reduce the time required for stocking. Third, the paper stack is assembled into different parts because of its large design volume. On the contrary, the shape can be changed a lot, and it can be designed into a different shape. At the scene of the promotion, it attracts the attention of the masses and plays a very good advertising effect.

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