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Cardboard Floor Display

Corrugated Custom Design Retail Cardboard Display For Bulbs

cardboard display for bulbs led bulbs corrugated display rack corrugated display rack

Stackable Cardboard Display Shipper Box for Soap and Cleaning Supplies

This stackable box is an easy positioning kit designed for dispaly soap products in the retail market.  We use high...

POP Displays Support High Load Amount, Cardboard Displays

This Cardboard Floor Display is Used to Display Light Bulbs with Custom Desin

Corrugated Display, Floor Standing, 2 Headers

Cardboard Floor Display With Lcd Screen for Consumer Electronics Each Sides of Per Layer is Equipped with Plastic Buckle to...

Classic 3 Stairs Counter Display for Body Ointment

Description: Classic interior design solution is suitable for shelving multiple types of products. Typically, products with individual...

Corrugated Display Stand , 4-tier, CMKY Printed

   These floor standing cardboard display are designed with multi tiered to hold a number of products, such as drinking,...

Custom Shape Cardboard Floor Display for Retail Shelving

Description: We accept orders of any unconventional patterns of displays. Our proffessional engineer team is able to turn...

POP Display, 3-Tier, Removable Headcard Cardboard

Three Tiers Cardboard Floor Display for Earohone Display Suitable for Consumer Electronic Products like PHONE ACCESSORIES

Cardboard  Displays Stands, 4-tier promotion umbrella cardboard display

Custom Design Umbrella Cardboard Display Stand Combination with Stand And Trays Holds More Than 16 Pieces of Umbrella

Sunglass Displays & Eyewear Display,Holds 20 Pairs

Small Size Cardboard Floor Display for Sunglasses, with 20 Compartments Hold 20 pairs of sunglasses, carry a large selection...

Tiered Cardboard Floor Display, 9 Pockets

Custom Design Cardboard Joyshaker Display For Sports Bottle Displaying Suitable for Bottles Shaped Products

Corrugated Bin, Floor Standing Display, 2 tiers

2 Tier Cardboard Dump Bin Display Upper Layer Can Be Used to Display Your Samples And The Bottom One Has A Good Storage Ability

Displaying 1 To 12 ( Of 98 Products)

The display boxes are those advertising displays that are exposed in the counter point of sale. Not only do they contain the product, but it is very easy to handle and move. It is the best way to call attention at the time of purchase.

As for the furniture exhibitors, they allow to expose the product in the place of sale. There are different materials and structures: wood, cardboard, metal, etc. Depending on the company and the product, the type and material of the exhibitor will be chosen

We provide different types of advertising displays: they vary in size, shape, material, etc. If you want to inform you thoroughly about it, you cannot miss our post Counter Exhibitors, an advantage for your company.

We hope you enjoyed our products. If you want your own advertising display, do not hesitate to contact us. We encourage you to see our work and discover everything we can do for you.


Qualities of our Cardboard Display Stands


Greater Flexibility

You will have more flexibility to offer a product, discount etc ... to use at a fair and for your own trade. You gain in possibilities of use and it is reusable until the exhibitor's life comes to an end.


Easily customizable

It is also easily customizable. Yes, it is a standard display, it does not come with your brand or your logo, but with stickers or a layer of paint you can customize it as many times as you want, to promote new products, your brand, etc ... the options are endless. The finish will not be like a custom display with your brand from the beginning, but we can do both and get the maximum performance from the exhibitors.


More economically affordable

On the other hand the price will be lower. For companies, it is easier to manufacture cardboard display stands than we already have the measurements. As they are not customizable the cost only incurs in the development of the exhibitor, with what you can save a lot. These are the benefits of our standard displays without personalizing, had you thought there could be so many?


The cardboard display stands and counter display not just gives retailers the platform to showcase the products clearly but maintain a clean ambiance as well. At Meiya Printing, we make it possible for all your concerns to display the products in shops. The display stands also make the daily operations for the retailers easy to stock inventories. Made with the hard materials like paper cardboard or plastic, you can showcase all the products in just one go. 

We offer products at budget-friendly prices and therefore, make it possible for customers to buy these articles in bulk for smooth daily operations. Come to us for more information on all our products and get started instantly.


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