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Counter Display For Brochure, Stationery, Custom Graphic pop displays

1.    Lightwight and convenient to packaging and transport.
2.    Versatile and creative header to catch an eye quickly, 8.85" height of ther header.
3.    Make a great cost saving.
4.    To replace the POP displays to keep fresh image of products.

  • Product Details

The POP displays with 8.85" height of the header to make the discount or promotional information in clear. They are used in the POS register and save space.

Although the counter displays are with small size, but it can attract the attention of customers via custom graphic of the header.




Brand Customized LOGO or MEIYA Color Customized    
Body Width x Height x Depth W6.10”*D4.52”*H11.02” Placement Style    Counter Top
Weight 1.1lbs Material Corrugated   
Accessories NON    


Benefits of Custom Promotion Cardboard POP Display:


Promotion displays for stores are usually used by retailers to display the products in a more colourful and suggestive way. However, they can also be used to show your products in many places outside the premises, such as in fairs. This type of stands, made with cardboard, offer many advantages for sellers. Below we explain some of these advantages of choosing our promotion cardboard display for stores:


Make them in Any Shape and Size

Our cardboard is a highly flexible material. We can cut and paste it to make any shape you can think of and as well as any size, to adapt and meet your requirements. In addition to being able to choose between standing exhibitors or desktop speakers. The cardboard exhibitors can be modelled to meet your needs and adapt them for trade fairs. They are used to show their products in the store or at street level.


Easy to Transport

Our cardboard displays are lightweight, so they can be easily transported where they are needed. The weight is important because this will make it easier to assemble a fair in which you must also transport your own products. Besides its reduced weight allows us to easily test several locations to choose the one that suits us best.


They Take up Less Space

This feature is very useful when the exhibitors must be sent to another place. The promotion displays for stores are removable to store them the time that we are not going to use them.


They are Cheaper

Our cardboard displays are usually cheaper; therefore most exhibitors are used in shops and fairs. Even so, you should always keep in mind what your needs are, since, although the cardboard displays are very flexible, maybe for your purposes you may also need other types of exhibitors.



The cardboard is an easily recyclable material, so the environmental impact produced by our company will be less.


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