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The magic of paper display

The magic of paper display

Paper shelves, or paper display stands, as a marketing tool, come with the development of POP advertising. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient transportation and rapid assembly. It is placed in the sales place and can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.

The way we use paper display stands is to advertise and place merchandise promotions. So how can they be reused when they have completed their mission?

As a renewable resource, it is clear that our first thought was to recycle the used paper display rack as waste paper. Although the return after being recycled is far from the value at the time of shipment. However, it is indeed the first choice for most businesses as waste paper recycling.

So what if you only use the display rack after the retailer uses it? As a waste paper recycling, it is generally a business choice for a batch of display racks. The purpose of using paper display stands in retail stores is mainly advertising. It is especially attractive to customers when placed in a store. In contrast, because of the size of the store, retailers will not buy display racks in bulk. This also means that the number of periodic shelves is not much. If it is you, what would you do?

According to the shape of the display stand, in fact, we can do a lot of things. For example, a floor-standing display stand. Its layer box length is generally enough for us to put out daily necessities such as shoes, tools and so on. The desktop display case, as long as it is small, can be used as a dressing box for our ladies. The display stand itself is used for the display of daily chemical products. When their mission in commercial use is completed, why not move such a beautifully displayed display stand into your bedroom. Imagine that you will have a new glove rack or dressing box in a while. What a wonderful thing this is.


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