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Terminal display eight main points of pop displays


1. Pop displays (promotion cardboard display) can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier;

2. pop displays (promotion cardboard display) all (or mainly) from printing paper and high-hardness cardboard, enough to carry promotional items, pop displays (promotion cardboard display) can bear the weight of up to 120KG, and meet strict environmental requirements;

3. pop displays (promotion cardboard display) surface is treated with light glue, varnish, can be waterproof.

4. pop displays (promotion cardboard display) is suitable for all kinds of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. The patterns, colors and shapes can be freely and innovatively designed, and the publicity effect is excellent;

5. pop displays (promotion cardboard display) is lightweight, can be stacked and stacked, saving shipping logistics costs, and can be used repeatedly;

6. pop displays (promotion cardboard display) is economical and extremely practical. The seller has finished using it. If it is improved due to factors such as the appearance of the product, it is convenient to dispose of the recycling department.

7. Pop displays (promotion cardboard display) can be matched with different paper materials according to the requirements of customers and carriers. It can be combined with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure display rack.

8. Pop displays (promotion cardboard display) facilitates the supplier to directly transport the goods from the place of origin to the final point of sale and unpack and sell, saving the cost of repeated stacking and packaging.



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