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Display stand maintenance(2)


Last time, we discussed the maintenance methods for metal display stands and plastic display stands. Today we will talk about the maintenance and use of the corrugated display stand.

The main body of the corrugated display stand is a corrugated paper product, and the surface is printed paper through various processes to print a beautiful picture to form a very effective advertising effect. Its material is basically paper at all. It is most appropriate to place the corrugated display stand in a dry environment. Because of this characteristic, we also recommend the film-passing treatment of the display frame during the production process, which can play a better waterproof effect. If you accidentally spill it on the water, just wipe it off with a dry absorbent cloth. If it is a large area of water seepage, it can also be placed in a dry and sunny place to dry and continue to use. Another point is to avoid the light. If it is not necessary, a display stand that requires long-term use is recommended to be placed indoors to prevent fading. Although surface treatment can play a defensive role to a certain extent, long-term exposure to the sun will still fade the printed image.

Today's sharing is here. Have you learned how to maintain your display stand?alt="corrugated-cardboard-display-for-promotional"


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