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Display stand maintenance(1)


    The types of display stands are divided into metal display stands, plastic display stands and corrugated display stands. These are the more common material display stands.

Due to their different materials, their methods of maintenance are not the same.

    First, let's take a look at the metal display stand. In general, in order to ensure that its trunk is not exposed to the air for a long time, which causes oxidation, the manufacturer will protect the surface of the display by applying a layer of paint. However, during the transportation process, the display frame is very easy to fall off due to collision. Moreover, during the use process, the frequent loading and unloading of goods, handling, and the like are likely to cause wear of the display stand. Once the metal display is off the paint, it will become less beautiful. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term use of metal display stands, manufacturers will control in two links. One is to use high quality spray paint. The second is to ensure that collision damage is avoided the most during transportation. At the same time, buyers can also do maintenance work on a regular basis. For example, don't put it in a damp place. If you accidentally wet the display stand, use a dry sponge to absorb moisture. If the display stand has rusted, do not sand it with sandpaper. This will damage the display frame and you can use cotton yarn. Apply oil to the rust, wait for a while, and wipe it off with a cotton cloth.

Next, we understand how to maintain the plastic display stand. Plastic display stands are worn and faded due to the nature of the material. Plastics are not easy to fold and carry, and the characteristics of insufficient toughness make it impossible to carry excessive weight. Maintaining the plastic display rack first requires the frequently moving display frame to be angled to avoid direct friction and bumps. Second, the plastic display stand should not be displayed on the periphery of the mall, and direct sunlight should be avoided. This will ensure that the color of the plastic display stand is fresh. As for the cleaning aspect, the plastic display stand is more convenient than the metal display stand. It can be washed directly with water.alt="cardboard corrugated display stand for promotion"


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