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Corrugated Display

CLASSIFY BY Type : All Hook Tray Tier Bin Pocket 2-Way
Promotional Price tier counter cardboard display

1. Easy for retailers to set up. 2. Sturdy enough to display various items, computer or phone accessories, cosmetic, fast food, lamp,...

Corrugated Display, Floor Standing, 2 Headers

Cardboard Floor Display With Lcd Screen for Consumer Electronics Each Sides of Per Layer is Equipped with Plastic Buckle to...

Corrugated Display Stand , 4-tier, CMKY Printed

   These floor standing cardboard display are designed with multi tiered to hold a number of products, such as drinking,...

POP Display, Counter Top Corrugated Display, 2 Pockets

Two Pocket Cardboard Counter Display Box for USB Cable

Electronic Products Display, Corrugated Display

1. 4 shelves to hold number of products, such as comsumer electronics, small appliances and more. 2. Total width...

Premium Corrugated Display, With Iron Peg Hooks

1. Iron peghooks, 24 pcs. 2. Sturdy construction to support a heavy load amount. 3. Hanged 24 pcs products at both...

Floor Cardboard Display Rack, Rotated, Hold 72 pairs of eye glasses

1. Hold 72 pairs of eye glasses. 2. Rotated design. 3. Customized Graphics at the end and head of displays. 4. Shiny...

Magazine Counter Displays, Corrugated Materials, Removable Header

1. An effective fixture of visual merchandising. 2. Removable header. 3. Customized graphics, shape, size. 4. Shipped flat to...

Corrugated Dump Bin, Promotional Dump Bin, Cardboard Display

1. Designed with a plenty of space to contain products, such as 3C products, gifts, toys and more. 2. Detachted head card. 3....

3 Shelves Floorstanding Cardboard Display Stands

1. Designed with 3 shelves, partitions. 2. Shinny finished, attractive shape. 3. Removable header. 4. Light weight and easy...

Cardboard Dump Bin Display, Removable Header

1. Support customized graphics, size etc. 2. Light weight and easy to set up. 3. Plenty of space to contain a lot items.

Corrugated Display, W / Multi Shelves

1. Attractive shape design 2. 3 shelves to contain numbers of products. 3. Sturdy construction design. 4. Shipped flat to lower...

Displaying 1 To 12 ( Of 124 Products)

Advantages of Using Corrugated Display


Corrugated Display are elements usually used in retail stores and department stores, although currently there are already materials and techniques that allow their application in interior design and furniture, this being a growing trend.


Returning to retail, in this type of business the cardboard displays act as an element of PLV (Advertising in the Place of Sale) is placed indiscriminately inside and outside the establishments. In the same way they are also often used as a support or storage device for the product.


Due to the resistance of the material, its low cost and the practicality of printing on cardboard, we understand that these pop up Corrugated Display can bring great advantages to retailers, so we want to show you benefits of this system with respect to others:


Any Shape and Size


Corrugated Display is a highly flexible material. It can be die cut, cut and glued according to the customer's needs. This can give more uses to the material and therefore more useful life regarding materials such as plastic or metal, much more difficult to mould.


Easy to Move


The Corrugated Display is light. This allows you to transport it where you want, such as a fair.


Takes up Less Space


This feature is very useful for transport. These displays are foldable and can be easily mounted wherever you want, optimizing the space while they are being transported.


The Cheapest


Corrugated Displays are the cheapest pop up displays. Hence, these are popular.


Good Looks


One of the functions of these elements is to draw attention, inviting the customer to enter the store with offers and discounts. A good graphic design accompanied by a good impression can multiply its effectiveness and reinforce the brand image




Corrugated Display can withstand heavy products and be used many times.




These displays can be designed with the amount of shelves needed to properly organize the products. There comes into play the creativity of the graphic designer and his idea of how to present them




It is a recyclable material using little technology. This is the fact that makes it respectful in the environment.


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