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An Easy and Safe Way to Assure Your Orders

In the international trade operation, one of the risk which make most concern to buyers is the reliability of suppliers’ obligation of order fulfillment. 
Traditionally, buyers will apply Letter of Credit (A.K.A. L/C) for assuring their orders. In this case, banks will host the inspection of the transaction, and take heavy amount of commission fee with less convenient process for orders. In a lot of cases, we see buyers take no third-party assurance to orders (i.e. sample orders), and prefer to take a risk of supplier obligation failure for convenience of transaction. Although suppliers usually would not fail their obligation, but leaving no choice for order assurance is not helpful to expand business network if still facing this concern of trust.    
The is a well-known platform offering business connection between buyers and Chinese suppliers, they also offer trade assurance for transactions between any buyers and Alibaba qualified suppliers. The goodness is, this service is available to both buyers who are registered and not registered of
Another goodness of this assurance is a simple buyer-friendly process. Buyers can require suppliers to issue a ticket of this service to their orders, with only offer an e-mail address. The system of this service will send notifications to this e-mail address that gives reports or commissions in the order fulfillment process. For the supplier side, they have to be accredited as a qualified by under inspection and accession. To maintain selling chances on the platform they will have to follow rules of assurance service.
As China is one of the most important sourcing base for international traders,’s trade assurance service is trying bring convenience to buyers and its qualified suppliers. 
Our company is a qualified cardboard display supplier of, we are able to offer this easy trade assurance as part of our service to our buyers for removing barrier of trust. We will be honored to work for you business by supplying our product with good quality and credibility.


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